Link Building Strategies & Techniques

Here are a list of the strategies and techniques I use for building links to every type of money site or client site. This will be an ongoing effort and I will be adding more link building techniques to the page over the coming months.

High Authority Low Fuss Method

As you may already know, it is really important in the current climate to be in full control of your links. If something affects your rankings, you need to be able to move fast to stop your business losing too much money.

This technique involves using to send powerful, clean, juice to your money site. It has varying degrees of risk and I will show you the pro’s and con’s of each of them.

You can get a shortened link by signing up at Incase you didn’t know, is a very high DA link with around DA93. This makes it even better for what we are going to use it for.

So instead of having 1000’s of low quality, potentially spammy, links hitting your money sites or client sites, clean them up through a redirect. That way you are always in control. Turn it on/off or point it somewhere new.

Method 1 – Powerful With Some Risk

The first method is simply just sending massive amounts of low cost PBN links to a shortened link which forwards to your money site. Could be used for ranking a video or social site.

You create a shortened link with that points to your money site using a 301 redirect.

You then link to that link with as many cheap PBN links as you like. The more you get, the more power is passed through the link to your money site.



  • Anyone looking at your backlinks will only see the link.
  • The has high DA.
  • You are protecting your money site from massive links all at once.
  • You can send as many links as you like to


  • You can’t choose your anchor text for link.
  • Could be risky having so many lower quality PBN links so close to your money site.
  • Your competition can see that you are using the technique.

Method 2 – Powerful With Low Risk

This method involves setting up your link to point to a PBN post that you have control over.

You either own the PBN site yourself or you rent it from someone else and you have full control over how the link and anchor text is built. You can change it or remove it at any time.

To get started you create a PBN post to your money site with your chosen anchor text. It’s a good idea to have a spider blocker installed on the PBN, but not essential.

You then create a link and direct it to your PBN post URL. The you blast the link with as many cheap PBN links as you want.



  • Anyone looking at your backlinks won’t see where you are getting your power.
  • The is passing high DA through to the PBN and on to your money site.
  • You are protecting your money site even more from all the linking.
  • You can send as many links as you like to
  • You can choose the anchor text that you want to rank for.


  • You or your clients might not be happy with PBN links pointing to your Money site.

Method 3 – Powerful & Safe

This is the ultimate method for people who want powerful links to rank their money site, but don’t want any risk for themselves or their clients if Google changes their algorithm.

It also offers maximum protection from your competitors reverse engineering your links to try and outrank you.

This method works better if you have managed to gain some naturally occurring backlinks from high authority blogs or sites.

First of all you analyse your money site’s backlinks and look for a link that is high quality and has the anchor text in which you are trying to rank.

Then you create a PBN post to link to the post that has the link to your money site. Don’t forget to keep the anchor text relative but not necessarily the same.

The next stage is the same as method 2. Point your link at your PBN post and blast the with lots of cheap PBN links.

The allows maximum power and juice to flow through to your money site with no risk.


  • Super safe method of increasing ranking power.
  • Your competitors don’t know how you are getting your power.
  • It’s nearly impossible to reverse engineer.
  • Everything looks totally natural.


  • None that I can see apart from expense.

Resources For Creating The Links

Mass Cheap PBN Links – Link Fox PBN Service (Silver or Gold)

PBN Post – Permanent PBN Post with Spider Blocker