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At we specialise in providing affordable SEO or search engine optimisation to local businesses all across Northern Ireland. If you searched your area on Google you probably found us as the No1 SEO agency.

For example if you have a local plumbing business in Belfast and would like to rank higher on the internet in places such as Google, Yahoo & Bing, we can make that happen for you.

As more and more people turn to the internet to find products and services, ranking higher in places like Google is really important for your business. Especially if you are freelance.

Google has around 95% market share for internet searches, so it’s the most sought after place to be found online.

So, the higher the ranking on Google, the more people that are searching for your services find you.

The more people that find your services, the more revenue your business makes.

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So How Do We Do It?

In order to achieve long term, sustainable results for your business, there are some basic key elements required for ranking your website on Google in Northern Ireland.

Your website needs to meet certain criteria with its on-page factors, off-page factors and have good social signals surrounding it to keep it ranking safely in Google.

If any of these parts are missing, or you have too much of one and not the other, you will not rank as well on Google as you could. You may not even rank at all.


What Are On-page Factors?

These are all the things that you do to your website to make it rank in Google. Some of the elements include a good design, structure and layout, relevant title and domain name, relevant content that your audience is looking for including images & video and loading speed.

What Are Off-page Factors?

These are all the external elements that are not part of your website and sometimes not within your control.

Two of the main elements for local businesses in Northern Ireland are links from other websites pointing to yours and citations for your business throughout the internet.

Citations are elements such as a Yell listing that include your name, address and phone number.

What Are Social Signals?

The social aspect of the internet includes platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

When someone likes your website on Facebook or pins one of your images on Pinterest, they are creating social signals leading back to your website.

What’s Next?

Our methods are designed to look as natural as possible. We don’t do anything that could damage your website or reputation.

We start by doing an audit of your current website to see how well it is optimised for being found on the internet across Northern Ireland.

We check on-page elements such as title, heading, image tags, content, NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) to see if they are present or could be improved.

Next we take a look at the off-page elements such citations & the inbound link profile, then finally we check to see which social media platforms you are registered with.

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After we have had a look at your website and gathered all the data about the various elements that are required for ranking in Google, we can give you an estimated price for the work required to rank your business higher and also the timescale for completing these tasks. We are not cheap, but we are affordable.

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